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Nuklear Fizik di dalam Al-Quran

Sama ada ramai yang tidak tahu atau buat-buat tak tahu, Al-Quran telah menerangkan fakta tentang Fizik Nuklear sebelum kewujudan Sains lagi. Sila fahami maksud petikan dibawah dengan jelas:

Chapter number 57 is named "The Iron" - Al Hadid (الحديد) . The word Iron appears in this chapter only one time in verse number 25:

verse 25 ch 57

He sent a fore time our messengers with Clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance (of Right and Wrong), that men may stand forth in justice; and We sent down Iron, in which is (material for) mighty war, as well as many benefits for mankind, that Allah may test who it is that will help, Unseen, Him and His messengers: For Allah is Full of Strength, Exalted in Might (and able to enforce His Will)

Iron (Chemical symbol FE) has the atomic number 26 which means that it has 26 protons (this number is stable along all the variants of Iron). Iron has many isotopes. The most abundant isotope is FE-56 (56 is the approximate atomic weight of this iso type). Isotope FE-57 is one of the four stable isotopes (in fact it comes between FE-56 and FE-58 making it in the middle position between the three most stable isotopes, the 4th less stable isotope is FE-54).

Let's consider these facts:

» The number of this chapter is 57. FE-57 is one of the four stable isotopes of iron. Please pay attention to its central position among the stable ones as mentioned above.

» Some researchers suggest that the Holy Quran can be divided into two parts: a) opening chapter (which is named "the key") b) rest of Quran's chapters. This means that chapter "Iron" is the 56th chapter according to this. The atomic weight of iron is approximately 56.

» The 26th occurrence of the word God - "Allah" - الله - in this chapter appears in this verse. In other words, up to and including the verse that contains the word "Iron" in chapter Iron there are 26 occurrences of the word God - "Allah" - الله. Iron's atom number is 26. The same can be seen in chapter "Bee": up to and including the verse that contains the word "Bee" in chapter "Bee" there are 32 occurrences of the word God - "Allah" - الله. Bees have 32 chromosomes.

» This same occurrence of the word God - "Allah" - الله - in cahpter "Iron" is th 2444th from Qurans beginning. 2444 divides perfectly by atomic number of iron 26. It is equal to 26 x 94.

» This same occurrence of the word God - "Allah" - الله - (which is the last one of two in the verse) is the 26th word in verse. The first word of God - "Allah" - الله - in this verse comes in the 20th position.

» The first letter in the verse is L (Lam) (لام) in the word (لقد). The interesting thing is that the 26th letter is also L (Lam) (لام) in the word (وأنزلنا). Even the 52nd (26 x 2) letter is also L (Lam) (لام) in the word (الناس). Isotope FE-52 is the only isotope that has 26 protons and 26 neutrons. The others have different numbers of neutrons. Notice how letters (by their positions) match at the multiples of the atomic number of iron.

» Counting further we find the the 104th (i.e. 26 x 4) letter in the verse is letter H (Haa') (هاء) in the second and last word of God (Allah) which is actually the last letter in it. This occurrence of word God - Allah is, as mentioned earlier, the 26th word in verse and the 26th occurrence in chapter). The number 26 is equal to iron's atomic number and the number 4 signifies, here and in other places in the Holy Quran, the word God (الله) itself since it is made up by 4 Arabic letters (Alef. Lam, Lam, Ha). Similar phenomena (of letters matching at key positions) is seen in other places in the Quran such as in chapter 76 (Human being). Letters there match at the number of chromosomes humans have.

» The geometrical value of the word Iron in Arabic is 26:

Geometrical value of word Iron
Click here for more information about geometrical values. Other metals are mentioned in the Quran but only iron is also a chapter name.

» If we count the opening verse (Al Basmallah) as a verse, this verse would be the 26th.

» The word Iron - Al Hadid الحديد comes in the 13th (26 : 2) position in verse.

» According to what I see on the internet (as here at Wikipedia) the number of parent iron isotopes is 28. The number of words in this verse is 28. Comments are welcomed from people with expertise in chemistry. I am not sure if I can refer to those as parent isotopes, since some (6 in number) come under a parent isotope such as 54mFe under Fe-54. What I see is that all variants of iron that have all possible different numbers of neutrons are 28 in number. The six "child isotopes", which are called apparently "high spin isotopes" correspond in number to the number of conjunctive Waws (و) in this verse.

Disini kita perlu tahu Allah telah menjadikan sumber alam untuk kita kaji asal kan tidak membatasi hukum hakam dan lumrah kehidupan alam.Jadi sudah menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk memahamai apa yang cuba disampaikan.......wallahualam


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